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Bittersweet Beginnings (SPOILERS)


S5E21: Wedding Eve

I’m glad Coach came back in “Wedding Eve” and joined his old roommates in a game of True American.  I do miss his role in the group.

I was not expecting Jess’ break-up.  Sam changed his mind so quickly.  Remember last episode when he said, “What you did for me today was the most selfless thing anyone has ever done for me.  If there was ever a time for me and Diane, it’s passed.  And when I read the letter, it just reminded me of how much that’s true.”  Was that all just a lie?  What happened?  I feel so deceived.


S5E22: Landing Gear

In “Landing Gear,” Schmidt made the mistake of getting on a flight the day of his wedding.  He took a crappy airline and he ended up being trapped him the tarmac for hours.  When he first boarded, there was a flight attendant selling tray tables for $12 a piece.  I loved that the hilarious detail poked fun at the airline industry.

I was very frustrated that Schmidt didn’t make it to the wedding.  I had been waiting for this day since season one.  Fortunately, the writers made sure to end the episode on a high note.  Once Schmidt finally came home, they had the ceremony at home in the loft.  It was really sweet and beautiful.  The actors all looked so happy and I will admit, even I started feeling emotional.

Winston pulled another terrible prank and crashed Cece and Schmidt’s honeymoon.  I wonder what stories the prankster and the new couple will have to share next season…

I guess Jess and Nick are destined to be together.  Unfortunately for Jess, Nick is going to be moving to New Orleans with Reagan for a few months.  I’m curious to see how things will have changed when the show returns next season.


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