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Each episode of The Middle usually teaches us a lesson.  The lesson in “Find My Hecks” was very interesting and relevant to today.  In order to keep tabs on each other, the family members tracked one another using an app.  This caused them to trust less and worry more.  In the end, Frankie concluded that even though technology was created to make people safer, it only makes them worry more.

Both Axl and Mike have different definitions for the word “whatever.”  After Mike stated that the new curfew was going to be 10pm, Axl responded “whatever.”  The next night, Axl told Sue that they could stay out after 10pm because “There’s no come back from ‘whatever.’  When you say ‘whatever,’ you’ve won.”  In the next scene, we saw Mike saying the opposite to Frankie.  “You only say ‘whatever’ when you don’t have a comeback.  You say ‘whatever,’ you’ve lost,” he said.  This was a clever parallel.

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