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I’m glad that Sadie and Matty reunited in “Second Chances.”  While Matty didn’t put up with Sadie’s pessimism for very long, it was nice to see the best friend duo together.  I have always been a fan of their relationship and have enjoyed watching it develop over the course of the series.

I’m also glad that Val made an appearance in “Happy Campers. Happier Trails.”  Since this may be the series finale, it would have felt empty without her presence, especially since she had such a big role in the earlier seasons.  It just helped to tie the series together.

“Happy Campers. Happier Trails” felt very rushed at the end.  Matty confessed his feelings to Jenna.  Then, she immediately changed her mind about SCU and Luke and began making out with Matty, indicating that they’re probably getting back together.  It was odd that Jenna needed no convincing, especially since earlier in the episode she said that Matty helped her make her decision to transfer.  I was really looking forward to Jenna and Matty getting back together again, but it happened so quickly, I couldn’t enjoy it.

The conclusion of Awkward. (if this really is the end) was very open-ended.  All the characters were transitioning into a new time in their lives.  Jenna and Matty are basically back together.  Tamara broke up with her awesome boyfriend, Patrick.  Jake quit the country club and mentioned the possibility of moving to NYC.  Sadie finally admitted that she loves her friends.  Lisa considered becoming an entrepreneur.  The finale was more like a beginning than an ending.

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