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The Mitigation of Competition: Crank Up the Drama (SPOILERS)


Director David Frazee did a superb job directing this episode.  One moment that stood out to me in particular was a scene when Rachel had one of her visions.  When she awoke from the vision, she was sitting in a chair at her hotel room.  As she sat there, sunlight flowed into the room shining directly on her like a spotlight.  This created a stark contrast to the lack of lighting in the rest of the room.  It was visually impressive and added a dramatic element to the scene.

I was not expecting Rachel to side with her sisters.  Like Sarah, I believed that Rachel had betrayed them once again.  But in fact, Rachel saved the day!  Does this mean she’s in clone club now?

Too add to that dramatic turn of events, “The Mitigation of Competition” had an even more jaw-dropping ending.  The final scene cut to the back of a woman’s head as she sat at a computer.  Immediately, I thought it was Adele and feared that she may be Neolution after all.  But then the woman turned and we saw the familiar face.  Delphine!  She’s alive!

Bring on the season finale! (Is it seriously already here?  I don’t want the season to end.)

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