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From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths: The Chaos Comes to an End–or Does It? (SPOILERS)


The best part of “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” was the opening scene.  We re-watched the scene where Delphine was shot.  But this time, it was shown from Krystal’s perspective.  We found out who shot Delphine: Duko.  And who saved her: Dr. Van Lier plus a few others who live on the Island of Dr. Moreau, including the man from Rachel’s visions.  Apparently, Evie Cho orchestrated the whole thing, so this means that she was a threat even before we knew of her.

Rachel and Susan’s relationship came full circle this season.  When season four started, Rachel was handicapped in a wheelchair and Susan kept her locked in a room.  At the end of the season, Rachel and Susan swapped places.  Susan was the one in the wheelchair locked up in that same room and Rachel was the one who put her there.

“From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” ended on several huge cliffhangers.  Sarah was alone on the island bleeding to death.  Mrs. S and Kira were being held hostage by Ferdinand.  Rachel stole all the data that would have saved Cosima and Charlotte’s lives.  And Rachel was about to meet Mr. Westmoreland.  Did the season end on too many cliffhangers?  I would argue yes.  We have to wait a year until we found out the fates of all of these characters; the writers are just cruel.

This season of Orphan Black felt like it was all over the place.  There was so much going on and not enough time to get to everything.  The writers struggled to keep track of all the characters and push the plot forward.  They just seemed to jump from one conflict to another without resolving anything.  Instead, it just made the season feel confusing and haphazard.

In season four, there was less of a focus on the characters and their relationships.  The sisters were separate for most of the season.  This was disappointing for me because their dynamic is so interesting.  Also the supporting characters, such as Art and Scott, were just thrown into episodes when necessary for the plot to move forward.  It felt like a disservice to these supporting characters.  I want to get to know them more, but the writers are preventing us from doing so.  Here’s hoping the final season will be better (and I’m sure it will)!

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