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There was more warfare in “Treason,” only this time, Quinn switched alliances.  It was her and Chet against Rachel and Coleman.

I was glad that we dove deeper into Quinn’s backstory this episode.  Quinn’s father, who we had learned was an alcoholic, passed away.  Quinn didn’t exhibit much emotion other than her usual irritability and she isolated herself from everyone.  She noted that she did not have a good relationship with her father.  Eventually, the filming of “Everlasting” distracted her from her personal life.  I hope that wasn’t the only time her father’s death will be mentioned.  Will Quinn attend the funeral?  Is she in his will?  These are all interesting details that would give us more insight into her character.

It was interesting to see Quinn bribe the paramedics.  She asked them to take one of the contestants away on a stretcher and drive her around in the ambulance for a bit to add more drama to the “Everlasting” episode.  Do the producers of “The Bachelor” and other reality TV shows actually pull moves like that?

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