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Casualty: A Masterful Episode (SPOILERS)


“Casualty” was an engaging episode throughout.  It excelled through a combination of great acting, writing, and directing.

I’m glad we were able to see Coleman in action in “Casualty.”  We watched him produce and direct the “Everlasting” crew.

As soon as Rachel made it to Alabama, I noticed her biting her fingers.  This was such a small detail, but so essential to illustrating the character’s anxiety.  It really brought Rachel to life.

There were several elaborate ensemble scenes in “Casualty.”  The first one was when Rachel accosted Darius about choosing a hometown.  Rachel and Darius walked through the set, passing by several “Everlasting” crew members who were all busy working.  The details that went into setting the background made UnREAL even more realistic.  It also showed how many people are involved in putting together a TV show.

Another ensemble scene was when Beth Ann told Darius and her family that she was pregnant.  The scene included Darius, Beth Ann’s family members, the ex-boyfriend, cameramen, producers, and other crew members.  It was a lot for the actual crew of UnREAL to juggle, but it came across effortlessly.

The last ensemble scene the creative team pulled off was the scene when Beth Ann was sent home.  She was on camera with the other contestants, Darius, and the host, Graham.  Then chaos ensued as Beth Ann ran off screen and Darius confronted Rachel.  The scene shuffled between shots of the contestants being filmed and the producers watching on screens in a separate room.  This was a great way to illustrate everything that goes on while filming a reality show.

The best line in “Casualty” was said during that last ensemble scene.  At the end of the scene, Rachel was in the producers’ room and Graham was shown on the screen behind her shouting, “Hey!  Rach!  Who banged the racist?”  I liked how Graham wasn’t the central focus of the shot, just a part of the background.  Not only was this line hilarious, it also emphasized the dynamic of the “Everlasting” crew.

There was a great visual contrast between Quinn and Rachel at the end of “Casualty.”  They were sitting in adjacent rooms, only separated by a wall that both of them had their backs to.  We saw Quinn sitting alone and then the camera shifted through the wall to show Rachel being intimate with Coleman.  It was an interesting artistic contrast between the two characters.

“Casualty” had a great ending.  The suitor from last season, Adam, stepped out of a black SUV.  First, we saw his back as he exited the car, until eventually the camera revealed his face.  “Here we go again,” he said, uttering what we all were thinking.  I’ve been eager for Adam’s return.  Next episode is going to be an interesting one…

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