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Watching the producers film Darius and Chantal’s “Venice trip” was hilarious.  First of all, they weren’t in Venice.  Secondly, they weren’t even in the water; they were on a boat on land.  To top it off, Chantal spilt her ex-fiancé’s ashes all over Darius.  In-between takes, the producers yelled “cut.”  This whole scene just emphasized how fabricated reality television is.

The best directed scene in “Ambush” was the police stop.  We alternated between the contestants’ perspectives in the car and the producers’ perspectives watching on in the woods.  Jumping between the different vantage points added to the chaos of the scene.  Then, Rachel ran towards the cops to stop the escalating situation, but she only made things worse.  In all the chaos, we heard a gun shot and Rachel was tackled to the ground.  As Rachel fell down, the camera fell with her and landed upside-down.  This illustrated the disorientation Rachel felt in that moment.  This was such a powerful, well executed scene.

Shiri Appleby’s (Rachel) performance in “Ambush” was her best performance yet.  Rachel hit rock bottom, and Appleby expressed this with a wide range of emotion.  Appleby’s performance was heartbreaking, especially during the poignant moment when Rachel lied in the fetal position as she cried and screamed at Adam.  It sent shivers down my spine.

I had been waiting all season for Adam’s return, but it was a bit disappointed.  He definitely triggered Rachel’s freak out, but I wanted more of him.  And I’m assuming that he’s gone now…

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