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Espionage, Emotions, and Explosions (SPOILERS)


I like how “Espionage” started.  We were shown clips from Rachel’s confession in the previous episode.  This was a great way to recap where we had left off.  Slowly, the camera zoomed out to show Coleman watching and editing the clips on his computer.  This was a clever way to open the episode.

Quinn always suppresses her emotions, but in “Espionage,” her emotions erupted.

While Quinn is always a bit on edge, we’ve never actually seen her lose her cool until now.  After she found out her time to conceive children came and went, she took out her frustrations on the producers’ room, smashing the expensive TVs, computers, and equipment.  She was like an explosion, releasing all her pent up emotions.

Quinn and Rachel’s relationship is the strongest it has ever been.  Quinn revealed to Rachel how much she has done for her to protect her from getting into trouble.  Quinn implied that she does this because Rachel is one of the only two people she cares about.  After Quinn had her big meltdown, she told Rachel that she loves her and warned Rachel to leave “Everlasting” while she still has a chance.  This illustrated that Quinn’s love for Rachel is genuine and that they are more similar than they know.  Deep down, they both fear and want the same things.

It’s almost mind-boggling that I continue to cheer for the extremely flawed Rachel and Quinn even after all they’ve done (including their involvement in the situation with Mary).  I don’t want them to go to jail even though they’ve broken the law several times.  The creative team does a great job at making complex characters that are easy to emphasize with.  We cheer for them because we know that they want to be better and deep down, they are just like us.

UnREAL has a very pessimistic view towards men.  Right when you think Rachel or Quinn has met a decent guy (*cough cough* Coleman *cough cough*), he stabs her in the back.  Maybe next season there will finally be a respectable male character.

I’m still confused about Tiffany and Chet’s relationship.  I thought that Tiffany was head over heels for Darius, so I don’t understand the sudden shift in her romantic interest.

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