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Everlasting’s Crime Family (SPOILERS)


UnREAL‘s season finale did not disappoint.  It was definitely dramatic.

It was the episode when Darius would choose his wife.  Of course, this was not his decision to make, but the producers’ decision.  As her usual manipulative self, Quinn told both Tiffany and Chantal that they were going to be chosen.  She said the same words to both of them and they both reacted the same way–naively elated.  The scene alternated between shots of Quinn, Tiffany, and Chantal.  It was cleverly filmed and very humorous.

Another funny moment in “Friendly Fire” was when Madison let her hair down and the crew members didn’t recognize her.  Her braided pigtails have become a prominent feature of her character.  Though with her hair down, she’s starting to resemble Rachel more and more.  I’m curious to see what’s in store for her next season.

Jeremy reappeared in “Friendly Fire.”  He joined forces with Coleman and Yael to take down Rachel and the rest of “Everlasting.”  But then, Coleman let slip what had happened between Rachel and her mother.  Even though Jeremy once had a serious relationship with Rachel, he never knew about that incident.  Immediately, Jeremy revealed that he had a conscious and decided to turn against Coleman and Yael in order to protect Rachel.  I was not expecting Jeremy to have this change of heart, but it proved that he still loves Rachel.

I was glad to see the happy ending between Darius and Ruby.  Darius was definitely a victim this season.  He was a good person who was played by the industry.  The only positive thing that came out of his experience was his connection with Ruby.  Their romantic storyline was engaging and intriguing.  I’m glad that the most innocent character on the show did get his happy ending.  It made the ending less dark than it could have been, contrasting to the main storyline with Coleman and Yael.  It was the one sliver of hope in the episode.

I loved how the ending scene was filmed.  Rachel, Quinn, Chet, and Jeremy sat on lounge chairs lined up in a row.  They were silent, deep in thought, trying to digest what had happened to Coleman and Yael.  The camera was above them looking down.  This shot was atheistically pleasing.  It also emphasized the new-found unity in this dysfunctional family.  I’m sure that there will be a big focus on these four characters next season.

The characters of UnREAL have a lot to recover from going into the next season.  Jeremy murdered two people (one whom Rachel was once in love with).  Jeremy confessed what he had done to Rachel, Quinn, and Chet–all of whom have already committed crimes.  And this is their worst one yet.  I’m curious to see how it affects all the characters, especially Rachel.

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