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I Know What You Did Last Summer (SPOILERS)


I was not expecting to find out who Wallace Mahoney’s murderer was so quickly.  In the first few minutes of the episode, it was revealed the Frank killed him (as I had expected).  In fact, Frank set up the whole thing, including Wes meeting his biological father.  Wes did not seek out his father on his own terms, Frank encouraged him to do so.  Was Frank trying to frame Wes?

Towards the beginning of the episode, Annalise consoled Wes after he was questioned by police for Wallace Mahoney’s murder.  To let off some steam, Annalise led Wes into the woods where the two of them screamed into the sky.  It was a bit of an odd scene.  I understood that the characters were trying to release their anger/fear/frustrations and that it was like a bonding activity, but the acting was awkward and felt forced.

Considering that “We’re Good People Now” was a season premiere, it was mostly boring.  It was used as a transition episode, connecting last season to the new mystery of this season.  The episode focused on the start of the semester and catching us up on what the characters were up to during summer break.

When we first saw the body bag in the beginning of the episode, I assumed it was Wallace Mahoney being taken away, especially since the writers addressed his death at the start of the episode.  I wasn’t even thinking that another murder may have taken place.  Only at the end, did we realize the body bag contained someone else.  It was a clever trick by the writing team.  I was completely caught off guard when we realized the scene with the body bag was much further in the future after Wallace Mahoney’s death.  How to Get Away with Murder‘s writers are exceptionally skilled at deceiving us using time.

“We’re Good People Now” ended introducing us to the new mystery of this season: Who is dead?  A person was taken away from Annalise’s burning house in a body bag.  And Annalise seemed distraught about it.  The episode 2 promo revealed that each episode, we will learn a new clue as to who is dead by discovering someone who is not dead.  I am eager and excited to see how it all plays out.

There is a lot going on this season.  Not only are we leading up to the death of a character, but Frank is on the run, Wes could possibly be a suspect in his father’s murder, and someone is posting flyers all around campus with a picture of Annalise’s face and the words “Killer.”  There is a lot to dive into this season, and I’m excited for all the craziness!

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