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Bridget Jones’s Baby Delivers Plenty of Laughs


I had no intentions of seeing Bridget Jones’s Diary.  I watched the original film for the first time not too long ago and wasn’t a big fan of it.  Because of that, I decided not to watch the sequel.  But when my friend asked me to join her to see the third installment, I didn’t pass (besides, there was nothing else in theaters).

Bridget Jones’s Baby turned out to be an unexpected surprised.  It was extremely entertaining.  I was basically laughing through the entire film.  It was the perfect chick flick to see with a best friend.

There was one moment in Bridget Jones’s Baby when I laughed so hard, I actually started crying.  I do cry when I laugh, but that has never happened to me while watching a movie.  The moment that really got me was when Mark and Jack carried Bridget to the hospital.  When Jack began carrying Bridget, his face went through a wide range of expressions of pain as he realized how heavy a pregnant woman can be.  Then, the two of them (Jack and Mark) attempted to carry Bridget through the revolving doors of the hospital, which of course was an absolute disaster.  I could barely see anymore, my eyes were filled with tears.  Watching Bridget’s two suitors struggle to carry her was comic, especially since they were still trying to one up each other.  I’m glad the writers kept this aspect of Bridget’s pregnancy (her weight) realistic.

Emma Thompson stole the show as Dr. Rawlings.  She was blunt and hilarious.  She was an outsider to Bridget’s situation and watching her reaction to the whole ordeal was priceless.  Just like Bridget, I warmed up to Dr. Rawlings as the film progressed.

Ed Sheeran had a hilarious cameo in Bridget Jones’s Baby that made fun of not only him, but Bridget and her friend, Miranda.  Both being above the age of thirty, Bridget and Miranda hadn’t heard of the pop star before, but who would believe that a guy who looks like a Starbucks barista is an international superstar?

It’s great to see an “older” woman as the star of a film.  Renée Zellweger proved that age is just a number.  We need to see more films coming out of Hollywood that showcase women of all ages because all women have unique and interesting stories to tell.  A heroine has no age limit.

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