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Muddying the Waters


After the premiere, my guess was that Oliver was the one in the body bag.  Of course, this episode completely proved that wrong.  Oliver was the first character revealed to be alive.  In fact, when Oliver appeared at Annalise’s side, she gave him her phone and told him to “wipe it clean.”  Obviously, there is more going on than just a house fire.  Could Annalise be faking it?  Did she plan the fire?  Did she want someone dead?

I’m a bit confused about Connor and Oliver’s break up.  This episode, the two still acted like a couple: they still lived together, Oliver consoled Connor during the trial, and when Connor won the case, Oliver made him a celebratory dinner.  Connor was the one to point out that Oliver was still acting like his boyfriend.  Then Oliver shut down and said that he still needs time away.  I’m having difficulty understanding why Oliver wants to break up.  It doesn’t seem like the writers know why either.

Connor became very emotionally invested in this week’s court case.  It made me more interested in the case, but I didn’t understand why Connor felt so connected to his client.  Was it just because they had both committed felonies?  This episode could have used more clarity.

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