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Everlasting’s Crime Family (SPOILERS)

UnREAL‘s season finale did not disappoint.  It was definitely dramatic. It was the episode when Darius would choose his wife.  Of course, this was not his decision to make, but the … Continue reading

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Espionage, Emotions, and Explosions (SPOILERS)

I like how “Espionage” started.  We were shown clips from Rachel’s confession in the previous episode.  This was a great way to recap where we had left off.  Slowly, the camera … Continue reading

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Mother Dearest (SPOILERS)

In “Fugitive,” we discovered the truth about Rachel’s past and why her relationship with her mother is so strained.  I was not expecting to discover this information so early in … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters: It May Not Be the Best Film You See This Summer, But It Will Be the Most Important

When I saw the first trailer for Ghostbusters, I became very excited.  It looked hilarious and was staring some of my favorite comedians.  I’m not a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters, … Continue reading

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Watching the producers film Darius and Chantal’s “Venice trip” was hilarious.  First of all, they weren’t in Venice.  Secondly, they weren’t even in the water; they were on a boat … Continue reading

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Casualty: A Masterful Episode (SPOILERS)

“Casualty” was an engaging episode throughout.  It excelled through a combination of great acting, writing, and directing. I’m glad we were able to see Coleman in action in “Casualty.”  We watched him … Continue reading

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Infiltration: You Won’t See What’s Coming (SPOILERS)

I’m glad the writers are keeping up with Quinn’s personal life this season.  In “Infiltration,” we got a bit more information about her father.  Quinn is going to the funeral … Continue reading

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Orange is the New Black Season 4: New Blood. New Rules. Same Award-Winning Brilliance. (SPOILERS)

Orange is the New Black is one of the best TV shows ever created.  Every year, I am amazed by the talented cast and crew. Acting How can there be so … Continue reading

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There was more warfare in “Treason,” only this time, Quinn switched alliances.  It was her and Chet against Rachel and Coleman. I was glad that we dove deeper into Quinn’s … Continue reading

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Spotlight: A Real Superhero Movie

Spotlight was a gripping film.  In a time of big action movies, Spotlight excels because of its simplicity.  It was an artistic film with an important message.  The writers, director, and … Continue reading

July 2, 2016 · Leave a comment
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